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Lịch thi đấu giải Hard Enduro 2019: Kenda RevLimiter

Hard enduros and extreme off-road racing have gained in popularity over the past few years, and many of the top factory teams have switched their efforts from the traditional World Enduro format to the many hard enduro races that have cropped up around the world. In fact, Graham Jarvis, the king of extreme racing, will be focusing exclusively on hard enduros in 2019.

In 2018, Cody Webb, Mario Roman, Wade Young, and Graham Jarvis stood out as the top extreme off-roaders on the planet, as the four riders combined to win the majority of the extreme racing events last year. The 2019 season should see more of the same, as the extreme calendar kicks off in late January.

Cody Webb
FMF KTM’s Cody Webb swept all three motos to win the 2018 Kenda RevLimiter Extreme Enduro in Decatur, Texas. — Shan Moore

Kenda RevLimiter

2–3 tháng 3, 2019

Decatur, Texas, Mỹ

The Kenda RevLimiter is a relatively new race that is held in central Texas near Decatur. FMF KTM’s Cody Webb won the event in 2018, beating out Cory Graffunder, Jordan Ashburn, and David Knight. Like the Tennessee Knockout, the RevLimiter is run in a knockout format and features three motos. Two races earlier in the day are used to whittle the field down to 30 riders, who will compete for 20 minutes on an extremely technical course that features several “elements” that are so difficult that even the best in the world have trouble negotiating them. These challenging sections create bottlenecks that the top riders must creatively navigate.

Last year, Webb lapped his way all the way up to third place and many riders were lapped several times during the final. It’s a spectacular event for spectators, and the fans are able to easily make their way around the course to watch as the course circles around the pits. If you are interested in attending the event to watch, go to revlimiterextreme.com for more information.

Lịch giải đấu

(All times Central Standard Time– Schedule/Format Subject to change)

Thứ 6 (1/3)

Track Walk &  Rider Check In– Gates Open at 10 am

Thứ 7 (2/3)

7:30 — Riders Meeting @ Registration Trailer

Race #1–    8:30 am–(A mở rộng, A30+, A45+ , B mở rộng, B30+, B45+, C mở rộng, C30+, C45+, & nữ)

Có giải thưởng cho Top 3 mỗi class

7-9mile course, 2 vòng tròng 2 giờ, cut-off time. line up by classes Hare Scramble style. Top 150 tiếp tụ vào vòng trong.

Race #2–    14:30 Top 150 từ Race #1 và các vận động viên chuyên nghiệp (PROs)    7-9 mile course with 2-3 added Extreme sections, 1 vòng/ 1 giờ cut-off time. Mỗi vđv chạy cách nhau 15 giây. Top 75 từ Race#2 sẽ thi đấu vào chủ nhật (3/3)

Trao giải – 17:00

Chủ nhật (3/3)

3 race Moto scoring (all 3 Sunday races totaled together, lowest total wins) không được trợ giúp từ bên ngoài

7:30am– Riders Meeting @ Registration Trailer

         Rev Race#1-   8:30 am– Top 75      7-9 mile course with 3 Extreme sections added, 2 hr cut-off time. 5 riders to a Row, enduro row start, Row assignments based on Saturday Race #2  finish

Rev Race#2-      1pm– Top 75       6-7 mile course with 2-3 more added Extreme sections 1.5 hr cut-off time.  5 riders to a Row, enduro row start, Row assignments based on Saturday Race #2 finish

Rev Race#3-     3:30 pm– Top 25  in current standing from Rev Race 1&2   –  1-2 mile course, 45 min. Dead engine start, bar to bar, 1 start

       Awards Ceremony– 5:00pm

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